Rosa del Maso

A pleasant and bright room
2 1 double or 2 singles 20 mq

"... then I would cast my gaze towards that infinite tinted green. And for an instant every thought would dissolve. I could feel my heart smile as the scent of freshly laundered, immaculate white sheets filled me with memories sweetly lying in that glass of red wine, a very gentle Rosa del Maso."



A cozy and suggestive room
from 3 to 4 people 1 large double bed and 1 sofa bed 25 mq

How wonderful to be able to wander with imagination in this antique Maso, imagining the stories and speeches of those who lived there over time, and getting lost in imagining work in the fields and then the parties of noble gentlemen to celebrate the good harvest with dances and succulents banquets. But, for this time, we close the book of the far fairy tales and fill the glasses with good wine which seems to have a noble name: Theodor from Mas dei Chini.


Inkino Rosè

A lovely and harmonious room
3 - 4 people 1 double bed and 2 single beds 30 mq

Once upon a time, a lonely old man who had won the hearts of many men and women around the world. He, who started from his small town in Trentino, had come to Mexico and with his brave steed he was known by all as the good Father Kino, a man of faith and high hopes. Our tribute goes to him, with an Inkino that can never fail to delight the guests of our Maso.


Soffio di luce

A simple and comfortable room
1 1 french bed 14 mq

She loved that room, so quiet and welcoming. Immersed in the vineyards but with a gaze towards the distant suffused city lights. She could finally find her time, to breathe free after a long day at work. It was her refuge, one day a month, between one contract and another, meetings and tight schedules. But then the sun went down and the night came with the slight rustle of silence and that breath of light in the glass, which each time took her far away in the enchanting magic of her dreams.